Marketing and Planning

Full Service

Early consultancy/scheming and planning services

Taking charge of execution of overall scheming and advertising planning

Services for sales execution businesses

  • Case Investigation

    Case of competition    SWOT analysis

    Sales analysis of unit price and total price

    Building materials    Public facility

    Product feature analysis

    Sales analysis of area

    Proportion of room number

    Proportion of area

  • Market analysis

    Judging whether market structure is changed

    Policy analysis

    Supply and demand analysis

    Trend of future area positioning

    Overall circulation planning

    Whole region facility

  • Suggestions for product positioning

    Product theme

    Suggestions for overall concept direction

    Market segment analysis

    Suggestions for space utilization function

    Suggestions for indoor circulation

    Suggestions for space dimension

    Graphic design

  • Planning Services

    • Mapping out planning style

    • Different slogans in each phase

    • Making final proof for propaganda items such as direct mails

    • for site sales tools required by the case such as real estate description and layout atlases

    • Spot billboard, main signboard of sales center, decoration suggestions and sample making

  • Scheming Services

    • Executing project overall marketing strategy

    • Annual popularizing thinking, and formulating strategy & plan

    • Quarterly popularizing thinking and strategy suggestion, and formulating plan by phase

    • Monthly popularizing thinking, and drafting strategy implementation plan

    • Proposing corresponding strategies for opening in each phase

    • Program scheming and work schedule operating

    • Formulating plans for PR activities such as fellowship activities and exhibitions during each project marketing period

  • Detailed Services

    • Providing marketing, strategy and media suggestions and plans

    • Designing banners and corporate signage on site

    • Giving suggestions on VCR guideline, website editing and PR activities.

    • Guiding the design of banners, skyscrapers and advertising boards outdoor.

    • Guiding the design of banners, skyscrapers and advertising boards outdoor

    • Designing magazines, newspapers and mail DM

    • Designing real estate description (layout atlases, brand image popularizing and technical real estate description)

    • Coordinating with media to publicize early advertorials and making activity products such as invitation cards and DM.

  • Formulating and executing sales strategies

    Fermenting strategy, phased strategy, reserving strategy, whispering strategy, mobilization strategy, “spray and pray” strategy, and expansion strategy

  • Suggestions for adjusting on-site decoration

    Sales procedures and tools, creating on-site sales atmosphere, adjusting sun-lit area, seat region, reserving position and counter operation

  • Adjusting on-site tools

    Adjusting expression tools of location, traffic flow, models, construction, building materials, environment, life convenience, appreciation, added value, service system, estate management, and brand.

  • Suggestions for adjusting on-site landscape

    Adjusting visual landscape, greenery landscape, planting landscape, motor landscape and open space landscape

  • Suggestions for guiding circulation adjustment

    Guidance in forms of landmark, main circulation of motors, bulletin, and mass transportation system

  • Work progress arrangement

  • Advertising budget arrangement

  • Sales procedure adjustment

    • On-site staff management system: on-site holiday and attendance system, salary system, bonus system, service standard and stand-by system

    • Price strategy and adjustment: horizontal spread adjustment, and vertical spread adjustment

  • Establishing and performing sales management system

    Management of persons and calls, on-site negotiation management, performance and management of subscription and contract processes, client archive system establishment, process and implementation of business activities, sheet system and implementation

Market Strategy
  • Industry reputation, accumulated in market

    • Professional product positioning report is made by the most experienced analysts through in-depth analysis and diagnosis on market.

    • Senwons believes that market strategy must be figured out through field visit rather than telephone survey, customer visit or study on statistical data within easy reach.

    • Provide the most authoritative data, most professional market analysis, and most precise planning and suggestions for product positioning through field research and visit.

  • Professional competence, proved by practice

    Market research is not only for exploring more data or phenomenon but for demonstrating the root causes behind through identification and analysis of these phenomenon and data. Research results and analysis provided by Senwons team must be applicable to actual operating process, and in the meantime, able to give pre-judgment on future market conforming as closely as possible to truth tracks, and analyze the true power of market by means of future actual validation company.

  • Rapid execution, speaking with achievements

    Targeting customer demand to conduct precise market positioning in line with developers’ mindset is a significant function of Senwons team in terms of market investigation summary and land value decoding. Apart from on-site learning from different targets and repeated discussion in terms of project business, scheming and planning, and product planning, company team also conducts in-depth conclusion exercise and verification.

Investment Consultant
  • Functions of doctors

    Just as doctors must carefully check a patient so as to prescribe a medicine special for his/her disease, consultants, entrusted by real estate developers, must conduct detailed diagnosis and analysis on the project to get all information of the place where the project is located, so as to propose project concept design and draw concept blueprint targeting elements such as “what to construct”, “how to construct” and “sell to whom”. Being aware of the significance of residence on residents, Senwons provides consulting service from the perspectives of both market effective demands and residents’ health and comfort, so as to give humanized positioning for the project.

  • Functions of financial specialists

    Real estate developers possess capital, while consultants tell you how to utilize the capital in a more effective way. Standing in the position of developers, Senwons consulting team provides whole planning and ensures good market in future for developers’ project, for the purpose of obtaining maximum return on investment with the same capital investment. We aim to invest capital in creative designs which can increase project value through reasonable allocation of capital rather than cost reduction.

  • Experts of environmental issues

    The environmental issues here do not indicate “big environment” issues such as global warming and acid rain increment, but “small environment” issues such as residential community landscaping, and coordination among community scenery, surrounding street environment and natural environment. In the meantime, the humanization of residential area is illustrated by the accessibility of landscape in the area, the constitution of which will exert huge influences on project future sales. And it lies on consultants to provide landscape style positioning and ways of realization.

Marketing Plan

Sales requires patterns. A sales team needs to be cultivated with long-term goal and international outlook, so as to possess international vision. Senwons team believes that putting one’s own thinking in “Chinese situation” or even “world situation”, paying attention to world political and economic development trend, and learning the macro factors that could influence real estate industry, so as to provide really helpful service to clients.

Hot sale can only be triggered by unprecedented confidence in one’s own products. “There are only persons who cannot sell products out, but no such thing that products cannot be sold out” is the primary principle upheld by Senwons team. For each and every detail encountered in sales, Senwons team strives to seek truth from phenomenon, discovering and quickly solving problems in each sales link.

Successful marketing is attributed to the keen grasp of market pulse

• We actively influence the market to adopt products with forward-looking vision instead of waiting for customers passively.

• “I am convinced that I can provide valuable service to clients, because I have done market investigation well, and my clients do need my service.”

• Place thinking in “global situation”. A sales team with international vision is certainly able to tailor the most accurate sales strategy for individual case.

The first principle of sales: taking the right path

The first principle of sales is taking the right path. Only when the products you sell to customers are right, good and beyond their expectation, can these products be the best sellers, and create good reputation.

Being honest and at ease is best attitude of sales. Which makes you more nervous, asking for help? Or offering help? Offering help is certainly more relaxing. What makes Senwons team different is that Senwons keeps the mindset of helping others is helping yourself at any time. It is truly helpful to customers by providing reliable products through a company to be proud of and well-trained sales skills, and visiting customers who do need this kind of products and service, so as to satisfy customers’ desires.

Business Marketing
  • Regard every case as your own career and be passionate about products

    Each case faces different problems, and only by keeping passionate about each project can we make industry first-class case planning. Regard developers’ every expense as what is taken out from your own pocket to do budget, take product sales as marketing products developed by you, see developers’ brands as your own brand and treat every customer entering house sales office as developers’ capital—this is Senwons.

  • We firmly believe that real estate planning requires thoughts and depth

    The framework of real estate marketing is planning. The success of marketing depends on whether planning can connect each link from beginning to end and implement and extend each link to details. However, framework only is far from enough for planning, and central idea and operation are demonstrated by product planning, scheming and planning, and market planning. Planning is constituted by five parts—products, market, scheming, business and marketing. Rich marketing experience and unique planning thinking in line with market law are required to spread product information through marketing. This is Senwons.

  • The power of marketing lies in integration and execution, and we are keeping moving

    Seek resources from developers, customers, products, marketing and market, accumulate resources, distinguish beneficial ones and integrate them to extract product uniqueness—irreplaceable core value. The most successful execution is that enlarge the core value by 100 times, mobilize all phased power and means to run it through marketing activities, and demonstrate only one voice to customers in each marketing link.

    It is easier to understand a project based on the abovementioned information. A planner can grasp its track through market, spread capacity and ideas according to the phenomenon reflected by market, slightly adjust the capacity of customer information, sales speed, and advertising enforcement, and finally finish the overall sales of residential buildings.

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